Wildlife Rehabilitator

Brenda Miller

A deer with a broken leg, a sick raccoon, an elk calf hung up on a fence, a raptor unable to fly, wildlife attacked by dogs, birds injured by domestic cats—only a few of the injured animals that are encountered in this area and that require the specialized knowledge of a wildlife rehabilitator if they are to be safely rescued.

Concerned citizens coming together to preserve habitat and corridors surrounding the northwestern San Juan Mountains.


The San Juan Corridors Coalition is dedicated to preserving critical habitat and migration corridors for mule deer and other wildlife by:

Supporting and working with DOW to identify habitat issues and areas in need of protection

Educating the public about wildlife and human impact issues

Encouraging landowners

to consider conservation easements and other measures to protect their land

Working with county government to develop land use policies that have a minimal impact on wildlife

Working with CDOT to allow safe passage for wildlife and people

Thursday, March 11th, 7 p.m.

Ridgway Community Center

Railroad Avenue, Ridgway

Doors Open at 6:30

Refreshments provided

Information: 626-4496